Terms & Conditions

Eshop as a Service

The Store10 platform, is provided for use, in the form of rent (lease) and is not for sale. The cost of the monthly subscription (rent) is the one indicated in the subscription package that you have chosen.

The above costs include:

  • Provision of use (rental) of an online store platform
  • Addition of your corporate logo
  • Addition of your contact information
  • Addition of links to your Social media accounts
  • Creation of product categories and related menus
  • Application of your company's coloring
  • Set up of basic shipping and payment methods
  • Registration of terms of use, privacy policy, etc.
  • Hosting
  • Technical Support
  • Upgrades and maintenance of the platform's code.

The above costs do NOT include:

  • Logo Design
  • Domain name maintenance costs.
  • Banner Design
  • Bank connection for E-POS (additional cost of 25-80 euros, depending on the bank you will use)
  • Addition of products
  • Modifications or additions to features other than those already built into the platform we provide.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Connection to Skroutz / Bestprice and other price comparison platforms (additional cost)

Other terms:

The domain name that will be used as well as the database with your products, your texts, your orders and your customers with their data, is your property and you can request them at any time to transport them wherever you wish.

On the contrary, the eshop platform which we grant for use, constitutes business ownership of Anagnostos V. Thomas with VAT EL113239399, ID. AZ709712 and distinctive title Firstidea. It is not allowed to access its code, it is not allowed FTP access to its files and it is not allowed to transfer it to another provider or web design or to you and your company. It has been granted to you for use only, under the form of subscription service-rental.

The monthly subscription must be paid every month in advance and there is a delay of up to 10 calendar days. After 10 days, the online store automatically shuts down and enters "maintenance" mode, until it is paid again. Available Backup of unpaid stores, will be kept for up to 180 days from the expiration of the the subscription.

To proceed with the implementation we need from you:

  • Logo (Unless you have chosen that we create one for you)
  • List of product categories for the creation of the menus.
  • 2 or 3 large images to use in Slider
  • "About us" text. (information about your company)
  • Terms of use, payment, returns, shipping